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Rebekah Reads: Elnora Monet Book Review, May 10, 2021

  Listen along with my Independence Island Playlist About the Book  Book:   The Elnora Monet Author:  Rachel Skatvold Genre:  Christian Contemporary Romance Release date:  April 27, 2021 Islanders call him the Elnora Monet. Is that island speak for “pompous, arrogant jerk?” When Carly Mulligan volunteered to make house calls on Elnora, she never imagined treating the richest cat on the islands. What other feline has his own  wing  in a mansion like the Belshaw Estate? After a wrong turn in the mansion, Carly stumbles across a secret room—one filled with incredible paintings. Perhaps there’s something more to the man than she first thought. Most people envy Jean-Luc Belshaw’s position. The heir to a lucrative business and family fortune, he should have everything he could dream of. But Luc dreams of days past. Days when he traveled the world with his wife and painted the breathings of his soul disappeared with Angeline’s passing.  Faith and inspiration gone, he wonders if returning to F

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