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Rebekah Reads: Murder Goes Glamping by Malissa Chapin Book Review, July 2023

Photo Credit: Malissa Chapin Murder Goes Glamping My summer beach read I found the perfect spot on the sand, explored the nearby glass, set up my beach tent, slathered on my natural sunscreen, and read "Murder Goes Glamping." Photo Credit:   Rebekah Reads Prologue:  None of this would have happened if Rosie hadn't made me go glamping.  ~ Piper Haydn, Murder Goes Glamping Listen to Piper's Playlist as you read   What would you do if you found another dead body? Well, if you're Piper Haydn, music teacher extraordinaire, you solve the case, of course.  Never mind there's a murderer on the loose, will Piper employ her super-sleuth skills? For Piper, solving mysteries is more about stumbling across clues than super-sleuth skills. Much like her first found body Piper sort of trips across clues, like a cute, well-dressed, accidental, albeit nervous, detective. Piper is off to Door County with bestie, Rosie, in Rosie's restored vintage camper van for a weekend of

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